For Philips Lumify users: Basic e-learning package with complementary Philips Lumify e-learning

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This e-learning package is a special offer for Philips customers only and consists of the basic e-learning and Philips Lumify course (short track and comprehensive version).

Basic e-learning

The Safe and Sound e-learning module is an online self-paced program offered to you in thematic ‘modules’ that are complimented by a virtual classroom when completed. The course objectives of the e-learning are:

  • Fundamentals of Ultrasound and Ultrasound handling
  • Knowledge of facial anatomy, subcutaneous skin layers, veins and arteries.
  • Insight into how to perform an Ultrasound examination of the face
  • Insight into injecting and identifying fillers under Ultrasound guidance

Philips Lumify course

Drs. Schelke and Velthuis presenting the Philips Lumify system for ultrasound imaging of the face.

In this video presentation dr. Leonie Schelke, cosmetic doctor, and dr. Peter Velthuis, dermatologist, discuss and demonstrate how to use the Philips Lumify 12 MHz Linear Transducer for facial ultrasound imaging in cosmetic practice. The package consist of two modules, one containing a short track video presentation of 60 minutes, and a comprehensive video presentation of 100 minutes with live examples of the Lumify app.

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