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We are the Cutaneous group. Our aim is to enhance your professional development in cosmetic treatment by deploying ultrasound in your daily practice. We have launched a series facial anatomy i.c.w. ultrasound courses around the globe. Online and Hands-on.
We call it the Safe & Sound Learning Experience.

We are committed to teach dermatologists, aesthetic physicians and plastic surgeons the use of ultrasound and facial anatomy. To empower you to raise the bar in quality and safety for ultrasound guided injections.

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Safe & Sound
Learning Experience

The members from Cutaneous are fully committed to protecting the safety of everyone minimizing exposure to the virus. Naturally, we will follow the most recent COVID-19 guidelines when you participate in our hands-on courses. We have also set up a number of digital alternatives for our meetings and courses so stay tuned!

Our hands-on training courses

Ultrasound can give you a profound insight into facial anatomy. By using ultrasound you increase safety in injectable treatments by using ultrasound that visualizes important structures and pinpoints the preferred location of the planned injectable treatment.

Attending dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, and plastic surgeons will be taught to master ultrasound using a systematic approach to cosmetic facial anatomy, also educating them to recognise previous fillers injected as well as to identify grave complications as i.e. an arterial blockade. After completing the Cutaneous Base course, physicians will be fully equipped to apply ultrasound in their day to day practice and thus work safer and better. 

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About us

Cutaneous was founded by doctors in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and radiology. We realised that combining our knowledge and experience would lead to better diagnoses as wel as safer and more effective treatments of our patients.

Our combined knowledge and experience has lead to strong synergy that we want to share with colleagues worldwide. That is the reason we founded Cutaneous.

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