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Ultrasound can give a profound insight into facial anatomy. The use of it increases safety in injectable treatments by reducing the hazards of technical complications and adverse events. Our Dermatologic Ultrasound (DUS) guide is a systematic approach to ultrasound examination of the face. Using DUS guide the performing physician can visualize the important structures and pinpoint the preferred location of the planned injectable treatment. Vessels, relevant muscles and bony structures are easily appreciated and can be avoided. The volume and type of injectable can be determined. Also, injectables already in situ can be assessed. All of this will produce a safer and better outcome.

The Cutaneous group has a longstanding record using ultrasound when applying injectables. A group with dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, and radiologists teamed up to create a 2-day facial ultrasound course preceded by an e-learning session. Attending physicians will be taught to master the DUS guide, a systematic approach to cosmetic facial anatomy, also enabling them to recognize previous fillers injected as well as to identify grave complications as i.e. an arterial blockade.  After completing the course, physicians will be fully equipped to apply ultrasound in their day to day practice and thus work safer and better.

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Below the clinics and doctors that have already implemented ultrasound after completing the DUS course by CutaneoUS


Willeke Kamphof

        esthetisch dermatoloog

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Drs. T.S. Decates, Cosmetisch Arts


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